Peace Corps for Teens

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Is there a peace corps for teens? Youth all over the world are strong voices for social change locally, nationally, and internationally. Many teens in the US seek Peace Corps-like volunteer opportunities abroad, and they should! If only the Peace Corp offered a program for teens that want to learn more about global issues and make a […]

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What is service learning?

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Many people are familiar with the term “service learning,” which, at least in an international context, is perhaps best understood as “voluntourism” or volunteering abroad with an explicitly educational bent. However, most people aren’t familiar with the term “learning service.” This post will explore the question, “What is service learning?” by attempting to reimagine a […]

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How To Choose a High School Service Trip

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In my previous two posts, on the Truth About Service Learning and the Problems and Controversies of Volunteering Abroad, I discussed some of the issues and inconvenient truths associated with many students’ inherent desires to travel abroad to “do good” on a high school service trip. Some of the issues I focused on include: The reality […]

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The Truth About Service Learning Programs for High School Students

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Service learning. Voluntourism. Whatever name you prefer, I refer in this post to travel programs that take students to a developing country to perform community service work. The type of work varies greatly by program, but often includes light construction projects, painting or cleaning a school, teaching kids English, or other similar tasks. I think […]

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Volunteer Abroad Programs Reviews: Criticism, Controversy, and other Considerations

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In a companion post on the subject of volunteer abroad programs for high school students, I suggested that students who really want to “make a difference” in the lives of others should volunteer locally instead of traveling abroad to do community service. I asserted that “voluntourism” is really about feeling good about yourself and gaining some […]