Amazon Summer Program

Few places are as critical to the overall health of our planet as the Amazon rainforest. Ecuador’s Amazon is ground zero for extractive industries – oil, minerals, timber, etc – seeking to reap economic gain and fuel our insatiable global ‘need’ for these resources. The pressure to develop the Amazon’s considerable natural resources has led to watershed contamination, deforestation, displacement and harm to the indigenous population, and much more.

In this Sustainable Summer program…

  • You’ll learn fascinating facts, like how hydropower projects account for billions of dollars in debt in developing countries while not necessarily generating ‘renewable’ energy.
  • You’ll visit chakras, the ‘forest gardens’ of the indigenous Kichwa people
  • You’ll consider economic solutions to natural resource management in a global context, like the role of social enterprises and micro-finance in sustainable development
  • You’ll examine the ecological impacts of our global hunger for non-renewable resources, which have depleted the Amazon’s ecological health while contributing massively to climate change, species extinction, and local health issues.

Come to Ecuador’s exotic ‘Oriente’ and immerse yourself in the majesty of the jungle and the indigenous people that live in it.

The core of the Sustaining the Amazon program is a multi-day segment at the Huasquila jungle lodge, near Archidona, where we will be learning about reforestation, rainforest ecology, and sustainable development of the Amazon’s natural resources. This region of the Amazon has relatively easy access and is more populated and developed, which affords greater opportunities for interactions with local culture and to learn about the challenges associated with sustainable natural resource management.

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