College Admissions Essay

College Admissions: The Environmental College Essay

For all you high school seniors – and the guidance counselors, parents, and college advisers supporting them – this post is for you. Well, this post is really for the student with a strong interest in sustainability as a focus of his or her college experience and that is considering using an environmental college essay […]

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What is the best Galapagos summer program?

With more than 15 different organizations offering Galapagos summer programs for high school students, you might be asking yourself which one is the best. Of course, “best” is a subjective term and there are a variety of different criteria you may want to consider if you, like many high school students, want to see the […]

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Why Send Your Teen on an Environmental Leadership Program?

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There are dozens of different varieties of summer enrichment programs on the market for high school students, from language and cultural immersion to adventure travel and service learning, so why should you send your teen on an environmental leadership program this summer? Here at Sustainable Summer, we believe there are few things more important than […]