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Sustainable Summer Featured in Saint Johns College Blog

Sustainable Summer co-founder, Anne Fenton, was recently featured in Saint John’s College blog in an article highlighting Sustainable Summer‘s focus on educating for sustainability through travel. The Future of Student Travel Summer travel programs for teens have increased in popularity over the years, as high school students seek to broaden their horizons through exposure to […]

Rafting with the Homies

Yesterday we went rafting down the Jatunyacu River which means giant river in Quechua. Everybody had an incredible time. Many of us were scared at first, but we quickly discovered that rafting is very fun. We all ended up jumping in the river (some involuntarily). We played a bunch of great rafting games, and all […]


Life Changing Experience in Ecuador

Here’s a Yasuni blog post courtesy of Ivana F: It has been 8 full days that I have been in Ecuador, and these 8 days has changed my life completely. It has opened my eyes to so many different issues going on that includes the Amazon Rainforest. It really surprises me that all of the […]