Sustaining the Amazon – Group Journal Entry

Here is an entry from our 2015 Sustaining the Amazon group journal. Going into the hydro-electric dam, we thought we would be hearing positive information about alternative energy. However, after our visit, the cons seemed to outnumber the pros. Despite the independence Ecuador would gain by not relying on outside sources for energy, they are […]

Bartoleme – Crossroads of Conservation Group Journal Entry

Today we woke up at 5:30 and everyone was tired, but filled with enthusiasm for the extravagant adventure we had planned for the day. Luis, our trusted companion and fearless leader, greeted us on the bus ride to the boat. Once the group set foot on the boat, the journey commenced. The boat ride was […]

Galapagos Tortoise Photo

Galapagos Tortoises – Crossroads of Conservation Group Journal Entry

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Today we woke up at 7 am to have breakfast, which was great. Simple bananas, peanut butter, bread with cheese, and coffee. Even black, Galapagos coffee is more than amazing. After breakfast we got changed into our bathing suits and headed to see tortoises and snorkel. The tortoises ranged from more than a meter and […]