Alumni Profile: Kaylynn Polley

Alumni Profile: Kaylynn Polley

Rocky Hill School ’17

University of Rhode Island ’22

Dartmouth: Entrepreneurship and the Environment, 2016

What was the most memorable or impactful part of your Sustainable Summer experience? How do you apply your experience to your life now?

I participated in Sustainable Summer during the summer of 2016 and although my experience was several years ago, this gives me the opportunity to reflect on how it influenced my work since. It was an introduction to environmental action, which takes up an enormous part of my life currently. This program led to my decision to study Environmental Science in college, and eventually become involved with climate activism.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently an organizer with the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process through a Green New Deal. I wouldn’t have found my passion for climate activism if it wasn’t for this introduction to environmental issues and sustainability.

I used to think small-scale sustainability was the only way I could make a difference. But in reality, our generation is powerful and is the best hope for a livable and equitable future. And this program is a great start for anyone finding themselves passionate for the environment but without the knowledge of exactly what to do with that passion.

Not to mention the amazing memories and ton of fun I had along the way.

Thank you Kaylynn!

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