Amazon Update: Huasquila!

Day 4: Today we traveled from Banos to Huasquila, just outside of Tena. Upon arrival we ate (and laughed) a lot then headed out, gauchos and all into the Amazon. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen! After a short walk, the forest opened up to reveal a pond below us. Trees, vines, and moss danced in the background providing the perfect backdrop. After another short while we stumbled upon a waterfall (!) in the Amazon (!!) in the middle of Ecuador (!!!). I’m still in disbelief I am actually fortunate enough to experience this. This is what I am meant to do and will spend my whole life chasing this feeling, right now.

Day 5: It’s 1:01pm, I’m sitting in my hammock outside my bungalow in Huasquila, Ecuador directly following a four hour trek through the amazon. Already at 1:01pm I have explored caves, swam in crystal pools and had one of the most humbling and energizing spiritual experiences of my life. The Amazon has a certain power over me – over all of us — and we have an unspoken duty to protect it. From natural bat caves to moss covered rocks and endlessly flowing waters, we will all leave a piece of ourselves here in hopes of one day coming back. After returning from the vast energies of the amazon, we sat down to a lesson from Javier Carrera, who talked to us about extensively about our human history in terms of agriculture and what it means to have sustainable growth. I don’t think I’ve ever had to take notes on information so quickly. It’s unbelievable how much of these first five days have changed my outlook of life on Earth.

From Emily

(picture is our guide, Saul, helping Christian to heal a cut on his hand with a plant from the amazon)