Apply to Sustainable Summer

Apply By Dec 16th…and we’ll ship an ACT LIKE YOU LIVE HERE hat to you.

The regular application fee is $35, so you’ll take one big step towards an awesome summer experience with us AND get the hat (including shipping costs anywhere in the US) at no additional cost. Please see below for a few restrictions and clarifications.

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Hat Promo FAQs

If I apply for a scholarship, do I still get the free hat? Sorry, no. We don’t charge an application fee to scholarship candidate, so we can’t give hats out to students that apply as scholarship applicants.

I’m not interested in attending a Sustainable Summer program, but want a hat. How can I get one without applying? Sorry, this offer is only for students that complete an application and meet our eligibility requirements.

I don’t live in the US. Will you still ship me a hat? If you live outside the US or Canada, we’re not going to be able to ship you a hat without passing on some of the additional shipping costs. Send us an email with your country of residence and we can give you a shipping estimate.

When will I receive my hat? We’re hoping to have all product delivered by December 23rd, but if you live in some far off part of the US or Canada it might not get there until after the Christmas holiday.

I never wear hats and really would prefer that you don’t send me one. If I submit an application and don’t want the hat, what can I do to save you the trouble and expense of shipping me a hat? Just reply to the confirmation email you receive saying you don’t want us to ship you a hat.

Where will you send it? Will I receive a tracking number? We’ll send it to the home mailing address you specify on your application. We’ll also send an email with a USPS tracking number when it ships.

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