Thanks for submitting an application to Sustainable Summer. We look forward to learning more about your interest in our program. We have sent you a confirmation email to you.

We know that choosing a summer program is a big decision. You’ve taken the first step towards an engaging, rewarding, and transformative experience. Here are a few ways Sustainable Summer is different:

Our Students

A diverse, motivated, and intellectually curious group of students is at the heart of every Sustainable Summer program. Learn about Our Students.

Our Value

We’re committed to a “students first” approach that delivers unparalleled value in the pre-college and study abroad fields. Learn How.

Our Approach

Sustainable Summer programs are designed according to four guiding principles: Sustainability Immersion, Leadership Development, Active Learning, and Environmental Study. Learn More.

Please feel free to call us at 646.504.5046 with any questions. We look forward to speaking with your family and determining if Sustainable Summer is a good fit for you.


Jeff Sharpe & Anne Fenton Sustainable Summer Co-Founders