2020 Enrollment Next Steps


We have a dedicated page describing our online courses here.

There is no fee to participate in an online course this summer. Instead we have a suggested financial contribution of $500 for families. This is a guideline, and we’d be perfectly happy to have students participate at any level that feels appropriate, including zero tuition.

We want to encourage families that are interested in attending a 2021 program to consider participating in a 2020 online course without making an additional contribution. By simply rolling over your tuition to 2021, you are providing our organization with a lot of support at a time when we could really use it. So, please don’t feel obligated to make any additional contribution towards a 2020 online course.

Any tuition rolled over to 2021 will be applied as a credit along with an equivalent 2.5% discount. We will also grandfather in 2020 tuition rates. Students will not need to reapply and may change to a different program without resubmitting an application.

Rolling over tuition to Summer 2021 does NOT commit you to participation and all tuition that is rolled over will be fully refundable until December 31st, 2020. After that, our normal cancellation policies will apply.

Families that choose to roll over tuition are welcome to participate in an online course with us this summer in addition to tentative participation “on campus” in 2021. We think this is likely a good way to go unless you are in one of the following situations: 1) Students that will graduate in 2021 should probably only consider an online course since we do not typically enroll graduated seniors. 2) We also do not suggest enrolling in an online version of a course that you intend to participate in next summer because there will be a lot of redundancy in subject matter.

For example, if a student that was enrolled in our Brooklyn session wants to participate in our online version of that program this summer and then attend a Dartmouth session next summer, this family could roll over the full tuition of $3475 and receive a credit for 2021 that would exceed the program cost after factoring in the 2.5% discount, so we would refund the 2.5% discounted tuition value of $86.87 when families confirm enrollment in the fall with a big thanks for helping us out. The main point to keep in mind is that we will credit whatever amount of 2020 tuition you would like to prepay towards 2021 along with a 2.5% discount?

Since we are essentially valuing the cost of the online course at zero dollars, we believe that any amount families would like to contribute towards a 2020 program would be tax deductible, but you should confer with a tax advisor.

We are big believers in trust. We feel confident that families with the means to prepay will do so. Any family that would normally be enrolling at the tuition assistance level is free to take an additional 2.5% off the normally discounted tuition.