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Environmental Leadership: Why It Isn’t Easy To Explain What It Is We Do

Environmental Leadership: A Students Perspective On Sustainable Summer and Why It Isn’t Easy To Explain What It Is We Do We recently published the 2017 issue of Amaranthus: The Journal of Youth Environmental Leadership. In it, one of our alumni, Layla, now a college student at Bucknell University, reflects on her experience in the Ecuadorian […]

Ecuador Earthquake: Why You Should Travel to Ecuador This Summer

We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls lately from people who are concerned about traveling to the Galapagos or the Ecuadorian Amazon following the devastating April 16th earthquake on Ecuador’s coast. Here are a few things we think families should know about Ecuador and why we think traveling there this summer is one of […]

Why Is Cuba So Expensive For Travelers?

I received an email from a prospective family inquiring about our Cuba program, particularly about the unexpectedly high costs. This was a surprise to me too when I was initially researching a Sustainable Summer Cuba program a few years ago so I thought I would share my response publicly. Here is the relevant part of […]

Ecuador & Galapagos Travel Health (Updated With Zika Virus Info)

[pl_alertbox type=”info” closable=”yes”] If you are looking for information on Costa Rica or Cuba travel health, please note that we provide location specific information for participants in our Program Preparation Guide. We’ve compiled this additional information about Ecuador travel health because of the additional nuances associated with our Ecuador itineraries, whereas the situation in our […]

Best of Ecuador

I recently returned from yet another trip to Ecuador (my third in the last 12 months). I love the country for so many reasons, and every trip I discover something or somewhere new that keeps me coming back time and time again. I thought I’d put together my personal “best of Ecuador” list. I haven’t […]

What is the best Galapagos summer program?

With more than 15 different organizations offering Galapagos summer programs for high school students, you might be asking yourself which one is the best. Of course, “best” is a subjective term and there are a variety of different criteria you may want to consider if you, like many high school students, want to see the […]

Last Chance to See Yasuni

Since Sustainable Summer’s inception, we’ve had many conversations with students, parents and educators about why Ecuador was the ideal location for our inaugural environmental summer programs for high school students. We’ve explained that Ecuador offers nearly unparalleled biodiversity relative to its size, and that it is undergoing a period of rapid growth and development. We’ve […]