Cloud Forests and Quetzals

Two days ago we arrived at Paraiso Quetzal, a cloud forest lodge high in the Costa Rican mountains. On our way we stopped at a flower export company to see an example of a less sustainable company and think critically about their economic, social, and environmental incentives and effects.

Everyone was happy to arrive at the lodge as it was much cooler and refreshing compared to the jungle we had been staying in. In the morning we went on a guided hike to find the resplendent quetzal. Thanks to our guide and his cooperative involving the community we were able to see four quetzals and a few of their cousin birds!

For lunch, we ate at a local family’s farm who was a member of a coffee cooperative. We toured the coffee cooperative. It was amazing to see how the coffee cooperative and the local farmers relied on each other to have a successful business.

Today we are off for a morning hike then to see a hydro electric project, and finally to Rancho Mastatal for our long stay at the farm!