Connecting Programs

Sustainable Summer programs are designed to connect!

Every year several participants combine our Environmental Leadership Academy at Dartmouth with one of our Global Learning programs.

This year, we’re recommending the first Session of our Sustaining the Amazon program, for combined dates of June 25 – July 22. On the last date of the Amazon program, July 8, students will fly as a group back to Miami and then onward to Boston Logan for a late afternoon/early evening arrival in Boston, where they will be met by one of our staff. It is a 3 hour transfer from the airport to campus in Hanover, NH for an early check-in at the residence hall. We include the cost of the airport transfer, meals during travel, and the additional night in campus housing at no additional cost.

Here are some recommended combinations for connecting two Global Learning programs, which is a great way to take advantage of exploring sustainability in a nearby region or country, if time and budgets allow:

Costa Rica and Cuba: June 25 – July 29 Sustaining The Amazon and Galapagos: July 9 – July 29 Seeds of Change and Galapagos: June 25 – July 29

The above combinations are fully supported and pretty seamless transitions, meaning we’ll have program staff continuity across the selected programs so students can travel with our staff