Costa Rica Program Final Thoughts

Welcome to a blog written by your fellow sustainable summer students. We’ve taken some time to reflect on our transformative experiences at Mastatal and would like to share our thoughts with the internet.

On behalf of the tribe, I’d like to recognize the knowledge we all absorbed during our stay and the connections we built. Mastatal is an impact center that focuses on sustainable education: particularly on themes such as permaculture, natural building, gardening, and soap-making. We were lucky enough to meet Tim and Robin, the pioneers of the ranch. Tim aka Timo welcomed us so kindly into his community by sharing with us his journey from his time at the Peace Corps to building the Ranch. We then ate many delicious homecooked meals. Most of these meals were cooked by the apprentices at the ranch. Each morning the students(us) would help the apprentices with their daily chores during which we conversed of life, love, and spirituality. Each apprentice was unique And I learned so much from each of them. Their passion was truly inspiring.

The sense of community opened our eyes to new ways of thinking and living. Although every aspect of Rancho Mastatal was amazing, what stood out to me the most were the people. It often fascinates me how every person starts off differently, but ends up there at that exact moment. The same goes for our SustainableSummer group, a group of people connected by a similar interest in making this world a better place. For the Mastatal group, words can’t transfer my gratitude for them.

….thanks students!! What an amazing group and trip. Holy crap. We have so much more we’d want to add because we loved Mastatal just as much as the students, if not more 🙂 Tim and Robin are dear friends and mentors and we relished our time with them (and their adorable daughter, Solé.)

This has been such a wonderful experience and a truly remarkable group, we are bittersweet to be saying goodbye, though we’re super excited for their future pathways. It’s been an honor to be a part of their prologue before incredible careers and life offerings manifest.

Many blessings on everyone’s journey!

With Love and Gratitude, Skyeler and Haley

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