Costa Rica: Thoughts Along The Way…

Our students have been sharing their reflections on each day’s activities in our group journal. Each student has had the opportunity to share their thoughts and contribute to our communal memory piece. Here are a couple excerpts from some of their most recent entries…

“I will never forget shelling, grinding and of course stuffing my face with so much chocolate. Not to mention how delicious it was! Costa Rica continues to amaze and delight us all with its wonders and treasures!”

“Today we visited the national park to participate in a community service project. We were tasked to dig trenches in the forest floor and remove leaf litter so that the rain water would travel unobstructedly.”

“He took us into the woods to explore the plant life of the mountains. We went to a water hole where most of us went swimming. Later we came back for lunch and learned how to make baskets. It was a very interesting and incredible last day at Mastatal.”

We are currently in Cartago, after having spent a night in Los Santos area and seeing the beautiful and treasured bird, the quetzal this morning. We visited a wind farm today and a flower exporter. Our conversations are continually getting more complex, more informed, more critically engaged and more inspiring. We are so proud of the growth and learning that our students exhibit each day.

Tomorrow we leave for Chilamate. We are not sure what Internet access will be like there, but we will do our best to keep you updated along the way.