Dartmouth Organic Farm, Raft Challenge, and Weekend Fun

After several days of moody weather, the sun has finally come out. We had a glorious weekend, kicked off with a food-centric Friday. An afternoon at the Dartmouth Organic Farm engaged in some hands-on gardening followed by an evening workshop on food justice was on the menu for Friday.

Saturday we returned to the farm again, though this time for our raft challenge. In four teams, students spent the morning designing and then constructing a “raft” out of “upcycled” materials temporarily diverted from Dartmouth’s waste stream. It was a fun lesson in collaboration and time management (and some science and design). The raft race that followed the design-build phase certainly exposed the flaws in some teams’ logic, and the brilliance of others. We wrapped up Friday with a trivia night and a jam session in the common area.

Sunday has been mostly dedicated to relaxation and independent projects, although we did host a “special” banquet of sorts for dinner. We don’t want to spoil the surprise for future participants, so you’ll have to do a little sleuthing to learn more.

Tomorrow afternoon brings another “mystery activity” and the remainder of the week promises several more workshops, guest speakers, and fun activities.

Here are some photos of the last 72 hours.