Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Costa Rica

Hey folks,

I’m feeling super nostalgic as I walk through Alajuela today getting some logistics and last minute errands completed. It’s an eerily similar morning to my first day in country exactly 11 years ago, when I first worked in Costa Rica. Both mornings were spent finding the right SIM cards for our local cellphones. It’s interesting what hasn’t changed…it was a struggle back then and…it wasn’t super straightforward today either!!! Hahaha.

But it’s also interesting what HAS changed. Walking out of the cellphone store, I noticed an electric car charging station. In Costa Rica??? Well, yeah, actually. Costa Rica is one of the most progressive countries on the planet… especially when it comes to shifting away from fossil fuels… check out this quick article

“The Central American nation ran entirely on renewable energy for more than 250 days last year, the country’s power operator announced. – Mashable, Jan 2017”

So yeah, I’m super psyched to dig into these issues and trends with my students when they get here!! Hurry up already!! JK 😉

I’ll just be, you know, chilling til the homies get here. There’s probably a cup of coffee I could add some sugar to around here somewhere…

Pura Vida!!

– Skyeler C.