How do we get to Pratt?

We provide very detailed information about arrival and departure in the “Travel” section of your MySummer account (which students and parents can access after enrollment). This is where you’ll share your travel plans with us so we know when to expect you. The specifics of how and when to arrive differ from program to program, but generally speaking:

Students arriving by car should do so in the afternoon on the first day of the program and depart in the morning on the final day of the program.

Students arriving by plane typically plan travel to one of the NYC airports. We suggest JFK because it is pretty simple to take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station and then the LIRR from there to Atlantic Terminal, which is a short distance from Pratt. We are happy to greet arriving students at Atlantic Terminal to assist with luggage for the proverbial “last mile” to campus.

There are plenty of other options for getting to campus. We provide all participants with a roster and flight manifest, so students can coordinate ground travel (share a car service from the airport, take the AirTrain together, etc)