I was already accepted. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

If you apply to a program as a “regular” applicant and and then determine later in the admissions and enrollment process that you would like to apply for scholarship funding, that is permissible. However, in this scenario the student would be moved “fully” into the scholarship track. We will not continue to hold a place on a program for an accepted student while the student applies for scholarship funding. So, for example, if a student applies and is accepted into a program as a “regular” (aka non-scholarship) applicant and then decides to apply for a scholarship, that student must first “forfeit” his or her acceptance and re-apply as a scholarship applicant. So, please please please be sure you have discussed the financial considerations of participation BEFORE applying for scholarship funding so that you can determine, as best as possible, what the right “track” is for your financial circumstances. In general, this is a pretty clear choice for most families. Either you can afford the list tuition or you can’t. If you can’t, then apply for a scholarship.