What are the scholarship application requirements?

A complete application for financial assistance will include all of the following:

1. Submitted Sustainable Summer Preliminary Application (you’ve already done this)

2. Extracurricular Resume (submitted online here)

Please include extracurricular activities, volunteer involvements, work experience, leadership experience, etc. 3. Two Letters of Recommendation (most applicants provide one “Academic” and one “Personal” reference)

  • Academic: for example, a teacher or instructor.
  • Personal: someone who can attest to your character outside of an academic context.
  • In general, we would like to see letters of recommendation that can speak to your environmental leadership potential.
  • LORs are requested by the applicant through our online application and references submit the LOR to us directly
  • If your program of interest has a LOR requirement for general admission (for example, one of our Academies) you only need to provide one extra LOR as part of your Scholarship Application.

5. Personal statements (500 words – submitted online here) Please describe your interest in sustainability, and your involvement in environmental issues to date 6. Statement of Financial Circumstances

  • Submitted through our Parent Application portal, a parent/guardian will provide a recent tax return, asset and household expense information, special financial circumstances, etc.
  • Note To Parents: In general, we require a tax return from the previous or current tax year. For example, if you are completing an application in January, you probably have not yet completed your return for the year that ended in December. So provide a tax return from the previous year, which you should have completed. We understand that every household’s financial circumstances are unique, but our committee is going to be very skeptical of an application that does not include a recent tax return. For 99.9% of heads of household, you are either legally required to file a tax return with the IRS or would miss out on a tax refund by not filing. So, if you can’t provide recent tax information to help us verify income and establish an appropriate award amount, you will need to provide a thorough explanation why this information is absent or we will be unable to evaluate your family’s application. If your financial circumstances have changed significantly since your most recent return, please clarify any changes in income or assets.
  • We only require the “first page” of your return, which includes the Adjusted Gross Income line. Please block out social security numbers before uploading your return.
  • We are sometimes willing to consider a FAFSA or financial aid determination letter from an independent school in lieu of a tax return. Please email scholarships@sustainablesummer.org to request an exception. This does not guarantee that we will accept such a document in lieu of a return or that we will match the amount or percentage of an award from another institution, however we will consider your request to do so.