What are the scholarship application requirements?

How? To apply for scholarship funding, you and a parent will need to each complete our online financial aid application. You should prepare a “extracurricular resume” and personal statement, request a school transcript, and identify two references to write a letter of recommendation, as outlined below. A parent will need to complete a detailed statement of financial status and provide documentation including tax returns. We have already sent them this information, but if necessary you can direct them here.

When? We have different scholarship application rounds. Deadlines for each round are specified above.


A complete application for financial assistance will include all of the following:

Submitted Sustainable Summer Preliminary Application Extracurricular ResumePlease include extracurricular activities, volunteer involvements, work experience, leadership experience, etc. Two Letters of Recommendation (most applicants provide one “Academic” and one “Personal” reference)

Academic: for example, a teacher or instructor. Personal: someone who can attest to your character outside of an academic context. In general, we would like to see letters of recommendation that can speak to your environmental leadership potential. LORs are requested by the applicant through our online application and references submit the LOR to us directly If your program of interest has a LOR requirement for general admission (for example, one of our Academies) you only need to provide one extra LOR as part of your Scholarship Application.

Personal statements that describe your interest in sustainability, and your involvement in environmental issues to date Statement of Financial Circumstances (submitted by a parent/guardian that includes a recent tax return, asset and household expense information, special financial circumstances, etc.)