What does Sustainable Summer do to provide a safe experience for students?

All of our programs have a detailed risk assessment and emergency protocols that we develop with our local partners and which are updated annually. Some risks and protocols are specific to certain geographies and not applicable to all programs (high altitude, urban environments, ocean, etc). Broadly speaking, here are some of the measures we take as an organization to manage risk and prepare for the unexpected:

  • All participants are automatically enrolled in an InternationalSOS emergency assistance, evacuation, and repatriation plan (included in the cost of program tuition).
  • We work closely and directly with our local partners. For example, we don’t simply contract a whitewater rafting trip through a tour agent — we vet the specific rafting operator to ensure their equipment is properly maintained; their guides are appropriately maintained; they have emergency response plans, etc.
  • We conduct a pre-summer annual training with all facilitators and establish clear protocols to mitigate risk and effectively mobilize resources in the event of an emergency.

If you have specific questions about your situation, please contact us to discuss.