What is Sustainable Summer’s cell phone/communication/technology policy?

We believe that there is significant value in disconnecting and not letting technology interfere with the immersion experience. Students are not permitted to bring a cell phone to the program, and there are no opportunities for students to communicate directly with family and friends at home. We have adopted a “black and white” policy owing to the considerable gray area for anything less than a complete moratorium on both cell phones and “direct” communication between participants and friends and family at home. We are confident that this is the best approach given our program structure and objectives, and this policy is based on years of student and field staff feedback. We encourage any skeptical or concerned parent or student to contact us to better understand our rationale. Students should also not bring their phone “only for use as a camera.” Students are welcome to bring a camera, but our facilitators will help establish appropriate use. Taking pictures can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a distraction and, in certain situations, culturally insensitive. Laptops, video games, and iPads/tablets are similarly not permitted.