Gran Canyon and Rafting

The last two days have been physical and fun. Yesterday we hiked to a waterfall and swimming hole in the Gran Canyon of the Rio Mondayacu. The rainforest really came alive when it started raining during the hike out. During the day we continued learning about Amazon ecology from our guide Miguel, and in the evening we hung out at the pool and had our second student-facilitated discussion. Lucy and Thomas led two leadership development activities and facilitated a discussion about sustainable development, using the Gran Canyon as a case study.

Today was Luke’s birthday and we went rafting on the Jatunyacu (“Rio Grande” or “Big River” in Kichwa). We had two boats of six people and excellent, lively guides from Rios Ecuador. It was most students’ first time rafting, and I think everyone got a thrill and enjoyed working with their boat as a team. Now we’reĀ stopped in Tena on the way back to Huasquila for a quick internet check-in. Heading back for dinner and some (birthday and discussion) evening activities – everyone is happy and healthy! A Jungle Road IMG_5186