March 15th Application Deadline

Sustainable Summer has an important application deadline of March 15th. We have compiled a list of FAQs specific to this deadline.

How do I apply?

Please submit your application online. See here for eligibility information, application details, etc.

Why should I apply by March 15th?

To be eligible for most scholarship opportunities – both need-based financial assistance and merit-based fellowships – we must receive your application by this date. It is possible that we will have additional scholarship funding available after this date, although the amount and availability for specific programs may be severely limited.

Additionally, students that are considering an environmental study abroad program (Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Amazon, the Galapagos) should apply by this date to guarantee availability on our chaperoned group flight. We have to begin releasing reserved seats on our group flight at the end of the month and we cannot hold seats for students without an application.

I’m not sure what my summer plans will be yet. What if I miss the deadline and apply later in the spring? 

For our Environmental Leadership Academy at Dartmouth College, don’t worry too much about missing this deadline unless you would require a scholarship to participate. For other students, we would encourage you to take another two weeks to get your plans in order and submit your application prior to April 1st, if possible. If you need more time after that, we advise you to keep an eye on the program’s availability throughout the months of April and May.

For our environmental study abroad programs in Latin America, you can always take your chances on the group flight and hope that you can purchase a reasonably priced fare based on the current market price. The bigger issue is likely to be program availability, especially as we get into April. One of our program is already full, and two others have limited availability remaining. Because our study abroad programs only take 12 students (with the exception of the Galapagos, which take 14), programs can go from available to full quite quickly once we hit the month of April. If you’re weighing multiple options for this summer, you can always apply now and, if accepted, defer enrollment in a program until you have a better sense of your summer plans. This will put you in the best possible position to get your first choice program if you do decide to join us this summer.

What happens after I submit my application?

Our director evaluates every application and conducts a phone interview with each student applicant. We look for applicants that have a demonstrable interest in environmental sustainability and the ability to contribute positively to our community. Certain Sustainable Summer programs are more appropriate than others for a particular student, depending on their maturity and experience, and we will work with families to determine the best option based on their specific circumstance after receiving an application for admissions.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

Click here to send us your question. We typically return inquiries within a few hours, even on weekends.