Sustainable Summer Program Types

From Ivy League to international, there are three different ways to explore sustainability with us

Global Learning Expeditions

Our Global Learning Expedition programs are designed for students ready for serious engagement with the subject of sustainability and with the program destination. The longer length (21 days), as compared to our 14-day Global Learning Adventures, affords greater opportunity for in-depth exploration of places and topics. The programs are also more demanding, covering more ground and involving more intense physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges. Perfect for the seasoned traveler, the advanced student of sustainability, or a more mature, adventurous first-time traveler.

Global Learning Adventures

Our Global Learning Adventure programs are designed for the first-time traveler, the student that is relatively new to the subject of sustainability, or the student that simply doesn’t have the time for a longer program. The shorter duration (14 days), as compared to our 21-day Global Learning Expeditions, makes for a quick, but action-packed sustainability adventure. In general, these programs are designed to be a bit easier - short bus rides, comfortable accommodations, and a lower level of intellectual intensity than our Global Learning Expeditions.

Environmental Leadership Academies

Our pre-college environmental leadership academies (currently only offered at Dartmouth College, but a west coast location will be added for summer 2018), are the ideal summer opportunity for motivated high school students to engage in serious inquiry on the subject of environmental sustainability.