From Rain Forest to Cloud Forest

Hola familia y amigos!

Leaving Huasquila was hard to do but the personal growth and memories will never be forgotten. Our last day was spent with our guide, Luis, on a medicinal plant hike. He showed us which plants we could rely on to build a home in the jungle and why harvesting the material during the proper moon cycle is important to the integrity of the structure. We learned which rocks his ancestors used to start fires and why the caves in the area are held so sacred to the Kichwa culture’s heart. Having the opportunity to share the last week in the Amazon has taught us so much about the importance of love, place, and human connection.

We are now en route back to Quito and have enjoyed our last 24 hours in the quiet and beautiful town of Baeza. Having seen the largest waterfall in the country, San Rafael, and feeling the mist of Cascada Magica, the Magic Waterfall, drench our group as we stood mesmerized at its base, it is safe to say that our final full day in the Amazon was well spent. Looking forward to sharing stories with all of you!

Paz y amor,

Amazon 2017