First Post from Costa Rica Summer 2017

Greetings from La Fortuna, at the base of Arenal, Costa Rica’s most active volcano!!

The squad is out and about on a “Talk to a Tico” scavenger hunt, asking locals about their culture and practicing their Spanish, while their fearless leaders hide in the shade drinking strawberry smoothies and blogging 😉

Our two orientation days at Rancho Margot were jam packed! The tone was set, the team was built. We ventured via kayak into remote, monkey-filled inlets on the stunning Lago Arenal, followed by a tour through Margot’s innovative self-sufficient design. The ranch, the first of its kind in Costa Rica, creates its own energy with micro-hydroelectric power, captures methane from its cattle to replace propane, and uses “living roofs” as an alternative to air conditioning, among other fascinating problem solving. This was our groups first exposure to the concepts of Permaculture, and already they are intrigued and psyched to dig deeper into this cutting edge design science.

We were also inspired by the lush hillsides above Margot and amazed this was a volunteer reforestation project initiated in 2008. Already these slopes have become covered in an array of native species.

After lunch, we head east towards the Caribbean side of the rainforest to immerse ourselves in water 😉 , more sustainable design, and cultural integration. We’re psyched for the cooking class, ethnobotanist, and river rafting that lies ahead!

Much Love to the friends and fam out there. Stay posted for future, student-written blogs and tales of epic adventure, and cultural and ecological regeneration!!!

Skye & Haley

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  1. What great pictures and adorable kids! Hope you’re having the time of your lives!

  2. Thank you for teaching the world how to be sustainable and use the natural resources that God gave us. you young students are remarkable go Lizzie…

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