Rancho Mastatal

We arrived at Rancho Mastatal on Wednesday night and have been having a great time here ever since. Mastatal is an amazing permaculture farm and educational community. We received a tour of the farm the first day and got to try lots of interesting fruits that grow here on the property. Later we hiked through the rainforest to a waterfall and swimming hole and everyone stayed positive and happy while we were caught in a downpour! Afterwards we sipped on warm herbal tea as we learned how to make soap.

Friday we woke up early to take part in morning”life skills” or farm chores and we broke into groups and were paired with the farm apprentices to chop firewood, weed, prepare salad greens for the day, help cook breakfast, etc and learn more about their experiences leading to an extended stay on a Costa Rican permaculture farm. Then we went on a guided hike with a local indigenous guide. He showed us medicinal and sacred plants and then showed everyone how to weave their own baskets using vines from the forest! We had an extended quiet time in the afternoon for people to nap, recharge, and read books from the great selection at the ranch library!

Over the weekend we went on a tour of a local chocolate farm and got to make some truffles. Everybody left full of fresh homemade chocolate with gifts in tow! Sunday we celebrated a birthday and had an enjoyable slow morning and finished the night off with a talent show!

IMG_0226 mastatal-photo