Saquisili and Black Sheep Inn

We’ve had a busy but great past few days here on Seeds of Change. Thursday we woke up early and headed to the Saquisili market, an Andean market where farmers from all over the region come to bring and sell their products. We saw animals being sold, produce, and just about anything else you could imagine. We continued tasting even more new fruits (pictured is the achotillo) and then arrived at the beautiful Black Sheep Inn high in the Andes!

Yesterday was a great day of community service, helping to rebuild trails that get washed out in the rainy season. We hike with our tools into the valley and hoed and shoveled the sandy soil into something resembling a trail. These trails are used by locals to get to town and even to school, and also tourists on their treks to Quilotoa.

Today we went up to a local cheese factory where we tasted the freshly made mozzarella from milk that’s brought daily from nearby farms. So delicious! We took a winding hike back through the hills, with a view of snow-capped peaks and the agricultural valleys below.

We’re still working with our friend Javier in the afternoons on some amazing permaculture and organic agriculture lectures, in the picturesque classroom with a view of the mountains right next to us.