Thanks for enrolling in Sustainable Summer. We know that choosing a summer program is a big decision and we assure you that you’ve made a great choice!. Here are a few ways we’re different:

Our Amazing Students

Sustainable Summer is a unique learning experience, unlike any other offered to teenagers today. A diverse, motivated, and intellectually curious group of students is at the heart of every Sustainable Summer program. Learn about Sustainable Summer’s Class of 2013.

Our Incredible Value

We offer tuition rates that are among the lowest in the educational travel field, without compromising the quality of the experience. Learn How.

Our Unique Curriculum

Sustainability frames our understanding of the travel experience and our expert instructors facilitate workshops and discussions on specific, interconnected issues related to ecology, economics, policy, and culture. Learn More.

Our Safety & Expertise

We expect that every trip will run smoothly and without incident, but we train and prepare for the unexpected. Learn How.

Our Students First Approach

As a customer, you should feel good that the tuition you’re paying goes primarily to cover program expenses. As a non-profit, our mission and by-laws put students first – always! Learn More.

Please feel free to call us at 646.504.5046 with any questions. We’ll be sending you some additional information shortly about your son or daughter’s participation in Sustainable Summer.


Jeff Sharpe & Anne Fenton Sustainable Summer Co-Founders