Seeds of Change Day 2

What an amazing first day it has been here in Ecuador. Almost all of us arrived last night on the group flight, but we were still missing one student who was coming in on another flight. We decided to stay in the airport and play games while we waited, beginning to buildĀ our group dynamic while attracting stares from many curious Ecuadorians.
For our first full day, we started out with an incredible breakfast and some games, leading up to our first dive into the leadership curriculum and discussions of Ecuadorian culture. Our first local lunch was a big hit — who would have guessed that bananas could be a great addition to a potato and cabbage soup? The afternoon was filled with a stroll along the nearest hike and bike path, with the Andes mountains framing our view.
Tomorrow we head to the city center of Quito to explore Andean culture and some history of the area. Looking forward to the next few weeks!
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  1. Thanks so much for the update, looks beautiful. What a happy and enthusiastic group!

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