Seeds of Change 2015 Program Waitlist

[pl_alertbox type=”success”]May 6th, 2015 Update: We have one open spot on the Seeds of Change program due to a student withdrawal. Submit an application┬áto put the spot on hold. This message will be removed when an application is received and we revert back to waitlist status for the program.[/pl_alertbox]

Sustainable Summer’s 2015 Seeds of Change program in beautiful Ecuador is currently at enrollment capacity. We’re excited to have so many eager young people passionate about sustainable agriculture that are ready to embark on an incredible journey with us this summer. We know there are going to be disappointed students looking to do Seeds of Change program, so here is what we want to tell those students and parents:

We are currently taking a waitlist for the program. Plans change, and we know for certain that at least one student currently enrolled in the program may have a date conflict. On April 1st, we should know whether additional spots will become available. We will accept students off the waitlist on a first come, first served basis. Interested students should apply now and indicate Seeds of Change as their preferred program of interest. We will conduct an admissions interview, and if accepted, you will be added to our waitlist.

We can also strongly recommend our Bridge to the Future program in Costa Rica as an alternative to Seeds of Change program. Although a somewhat more broad-based investigation of sustainability in comparison to Seeds of Change, the program does feature a similarly intensive component on sustainable agriculture. If Seeds is 90% agriculturally oriented, the Bridge to the Future program in Costa Rica is perhaps 65% with some very cool additional segments on renewable energy, conservation, and natural building. The program dates (June 28 – July 18) are identical.

The status of the program will change from “Full/Waitlist” to “Full/Closed” when we are no longer accepting waitlist applicants and this page will be updated with additional information.