Catherine Wagoner

Catherine Wagoner Headshot

My name is Catherine (she/her), and I am from High Point, North Carolina. I am a senior geoscience and environmental studies major at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin graduating in May 2022.

Although I have always had a profound passion for the natural world around me, my interest in sustainability was sparked during the summer of 2016 when I travelled to Ecuador with Sustainable Summer. There, I was immersed into the world of sustainable agriculture and learned about the ecological impacts of our global food system. Five years later I have continued to expand upon my introduction to sustainability by educating myself on many of the environmental policy and justice issues that are intertwined within the world of sustainability. In addition, one of my greatest interests lies in the ways in which rocks and other natural materials can be used as agents of change in the fight against climate change. More specifically, implementing materials like basaltic rocks into soil to help aid in carbon sequestration and serve as a more sustainable and practical version of soil.