Maya Funada

Program Assistant

Maya was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and she currently studies Anthropology and Environmental Studies at Hamilton College. Maya is interning at Sustainable Summer as part of the Hamilton in New York City semester off-campus study program. At school, she is one of the Hamilton Sustainability Coordinators, who organize student-led initiatives to make the campus more sustainable. She is also a member of the Levitt Social Innovation Team that educates students on design thinking and human-centered problem-solving. Outside of school, she works as a facilitator and curriculum developer for a Japanese organization that aims to establish an independent high school. Before she became passionate about sustainability and experiential learning, she competed at national alpine ski races as a member of the Tokyo state team. In her junior year, she quit ski racing to study abroad in the US (at a public high school in Indiana), where she witnessed millions of unsustainable practices every day. Her life-long ambition is to end neoliberal economic systems (which maximize corporate profits at the expense of most stakeholders involved) before she dies.