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Amazon Adventures Continued

Between adventuring through the Amazon and crafting jewelry, the Sustainable Summer crew spent the day not just learning Kichwa culture, but living it. Luis, the guide, helped introduce ideas on medicine, ecology, jewelry, and music as it is pertained to the culture of the native peoples. A hike full of massive trees, sprawling spiders, dark […]

Amazon Adventure Day 2

After each day, I like to ask myself what I have learned. What knowledge have I gained from the day’s events? Today we learned that plantain chips are dangerously addicting (and delicious), that you should expect land slides while in the Amazon, and that hummingbirds are truly incredible creatures. Also, while in the Amazon, dragon […]

Welcome to Sustainable Summer 2016

Hello students, parents, educators, and friends! I’m excited to officially kick off Sustainable Summer 2016 with the launch of our Amazon Adventure program tomorrow, followed by our Seeds of Change program in Ecuador and our Bridge to the Future program in Costa Rica, which are launching on Sunday. We’ll also be welcoming a group of […]