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The Common App Essay: Tips for Sustainability and Environmentally-Themed Applications

In a companion post, I reviewed the college admissions process from the perspective of a sustainability-themed applicant. I broke down the five different components of a college application in the context of admissions, both broadly speaking and for those emphasizing an environmental focus in their application. In this article, I will take a detailed look […]

Forming the Ultimate College List

This post is a companion article to another I’ve written on the topic of college admissions for the environmentally-themed application. The first step in the college process is, of course, choosing where to apply. Beginning your late-sophomore year and definitely by your junior year, you should definitely have a working college list. There are many […]

Sustainability as a College Application Theme

Breaking Down the College Application High schools have perfected the knack of ingraining the word college into your brain, from the moment you step in as a freshman in high school up until graduation day. College, more specifically the process to apply to college has become a major stress factor for most high schoolers alike. […]

College Admissions: The Environmental College Essay

For all you high school seniors – and the guidance counselors, parents, and college advisers supporting them – this post is for you. Well, this post is really for the student with a strong interest in sustainability as a focus of his or her college experience and that is considering using an environmental college essay […]