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What To Look For In A Pre-College Summer Program

The pre-college field is about three decades old. It has matured, more or less, alongside other services that developed largely as a consequence of the growing competitiveness of college admissions. There was a time, not too long ago, when applying to college was a pretty straightforward process. Taking the SAT was something you simply showed… Read More

Will High School Study Abroad Experience Improve College Admissions Outcomes?

There are hundreds of opportunities available to college-bound high school students looking to spend their summer months in productive ways: pre-college academic enrichment programs, science and tech programs, internship programs, and, of course, high school study abroad programs. For every opportunity, there are good reasons to invest time (and money) in that experience. There are… Read More

Pre-College Study Abroad Programs (Questions & Answers)

I was asked to provide some thoughts for a magazine piece on pre-college study abroad programs. I’ll link to the article if it gets picked up, but in the interim, here are the responses I provided to the reporter: Pre-College Study Abroad Programs (Questions & Answers) What are the benefits to a student who studies… Read More