Although I learned quite a lot about sustainability, focusing on the environment with a lens on energy, water, and agriculture, the main impact Sustainable Summer left was in mindset. It’s very difficult to put into words and explain without you, the reader, having experienced it with me. I feel inspired. I have never been so incredibly happy to know nothing about the world. This may not make sense, but somehow this epitomizes the trip. I have never been so excited to realize that there is still so much more out there for me to learn: culture, history, language, food, medicinal plants, sustainability, etc. all around the world. If you’re only ever told that darkness is light then you will always be content with the darkness, assuming it to be light; and when a small light flickers you think you are much more cultured and open- minded than the rest of people living in complete darkness, in ignorance. You believe that the small outlines of truth in that flicker of light prove that you live an un-sheltered, cultured life. Until you open your eyes. This trip has been like a flash of light. And now that I know what “light” really is, I have a hunger for adventure, a hunger for knowledge, a hunger to educate those around me on what I have learned. I have a hunger to never close my eyes and to feed my light source with more knowledge and experience. I have a hunger for the world. And I am insatiable. We took part in some potentially dangerous activities- it was the real deal- yet I still felt completely safe and exhilarated because of the expertise of our guides. Even when placed in unnerving situations (like horseback riding up a steep mountain, white- water rafting, or taking a night hike with coral snakes at a mere arm’s length), we were confronted with first- hand knowledge and experience by professionals talking about medicinal plants, alternative energy, permacuture, etc. Instead of being terrified or nervous, I could instead thoroughly enjoy the activities and allow myself to partially let go and trust in the natives. I just think it was an overall incredible experience and I hope you never stop providing student with this incredible opportunity. Thank you, Jeff and Anne, for proving us with such a well- balanced, incredible, exhilarating, exciting experience that allowed me to form such tight bonds with my group while also learning a great deal about sustainability and just as important, myself. I hope this company always remembers how great a service it is doing to humanity by spreading such education in such a manner. This has definitely been the most influential experience of my life and although I am so torn over leaving (everyone was crying and hugging at the airport), I am honored to have met everyone involved- from my leaders to my friends to you both. Thank you again and good luck in the future- I would recommend this program to anyone in search of an adventure who wants to save the world one drop in the bucket at a time.