The Gran Canyon Hike

Fully decked out with rain boots, and walking sticks, we ventured deep into the Amazon on our longest, muddiest, most treacherous hike yet – the Gran Canyon hike.

We started the hike around 9am and came back around 230pm. The first part of the hike was typical for the Amazon, steep and muddy, but it really got exhilarating when we had to hike through hip-deep water and swim through a canyon river. Most of us were feeling a mixture of terror, surprise and nervousness when we saw the rushing river that we had to swim in. Luckily, the 3 guides made the experience easier for the majority of us as they provided assistance and support on all the tough situations we faced.

For lunch we sat and ate around a beautiful green ravine. After, a few brave souls swam and basked in the cool water.

The feeling of finishing the hike definitely trumps the nervousness and fear that we initially felt. These past few days we’ve been jumping miles out of our comfort zones and I think it’s pushing us closer together and strengthening our bonds.

– Aaron F.

20140717-215132-78692691.jpgIsabel sporting the latest jungle fashion trends

20140717-215133-78693573.jpgKichwa guide Luis enjoying a grub, a local delicacy

20140717-215132-78692266.jpgStella leading the way into the Gran Canyon

20140717-215133-78693126.jpgMurray sampling a grub while Connor looks in with dismay

20140717-215135-78695014.jpgStella and Murray in the grotto

20140717-215134-78694100.jpgConnor and Quinn deep in the Gran Canyon

20140717-215135-78695961.jpgThe group with guide Luis having completed the hike

20140717-215134-78694576.jpgStella and Anneliese canyoning

20140717-215135-78695523.jpgStella and Isabel in the grotto

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