There Is Indeed Nothing Like It

“My heart is filled with so much gratitude. Today the group went on a six hour hike to Gran Canyon. Never in my life have I been so in love with a place. On the hike down to the lagoon, we passed multiple homes and greeted many people. Today made me realize how different my reality is compared to live in communities in he Amazon. The fact that Kichwa children have to walk hours after hours to go to primary school blows my mind. Access to education is a resource so often taken for granted in western culture. Indigenous cultures have always fought against assimilating to the culture being presented. Therefore for the Huorari people to maintain their culture in its entirety is nothing short of honorable. I love how much pure respect and love Luis has for the earth. He uses his words so beautifully to describe the world in which he lives. It was absolutely incredibly when he said that a butterfly landing on you is a good omen; good luck. I have so much respect for the spiritual and religious beliefs of those who inhabit the forest, and I cannot wait to learn more. I have so much love and respect for everyone around me in this moment. There is nothing like being surrounded by love and positivity. There is indeed nothing like it.”

– Lauryn, July 13 2017

5 thoughts on “There Is Indeed Nothing Like It

  1. Great blog from Lauryn. It sounds like they are experiencing some amazing and life changing days!

  2. Yay Loli! Enjoy the moment in which you all were blessed with. You now have something to teach everyone you come in contact with.

  3. Your insight & respect for the Amazon & its people is inspiring. Understand this very powerful, positive life-changing moment as a beginning. Looking forward to more of your awesomeness!

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