Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance

Sustainable Summer requires all participants to be covered by a comprehensive travel medical insurance policy during the program. The policy should cover in-country medical needs, emergency evacuation, and other medical-related events.

Most employer-sponsored health insurance policies do not cover international travel. Fortunately high-quality, low-cost travel health insurance policies are available through a number of providers. We prefer InternationalSOS. A zero-deductible policy that covers in-country medical expenses and emergency evacuation/repatriation, as well as a number of other benefits, is part of the plan.

Information about our default InternationalSOS membership insurance policy was included when you enrolled in the program. This service is automatically added to every participant’s invoice and is only removed if proof of adequate alternative coverage is provided.

InternationalSOS is a leader in emergency travel medicine and assistance with tremendous access to top notch resources should we need to access advanced medical care or provide emergency evacuation/repatriation while in-country. The policy also includes trip interruption, loss of baggage, and other coverages. We purchase in-country medical insurance coverage of $100,000 with no deductible and no co-insurance. We’ve consulted with an expert on health and security best practices for study abroad programs and feel confident in stating that this is the best option available to our students, and a provider that many respected organizations in our field also choose. However, if you feel that you have adequate coverage through an existing insurance policy or would prefer to purchase a different policy on the open market, no problem. Please email a description of the plan to for approval or upload it to your MySummer account. In the interest of student safety, we reserve the right to decline any policy for inadequate coverage. Please feel free or contact us with any question.

Please read the full description of coverage for International SOS Global Traveler Medical here. You can download membership details and terms on the linked page.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

IMPORTANT: The standard InternationalSOS policy does not cover trip cancellation. We strongly recommend that participants purchase a trip cancellation insurance policy under all circumstances. This measure will protect your educational investment in the unfortunate event of illness, injury, death of a family member, loss of employment, natural disaster, and other covered events. Sustainable Summer is not, under any circumstances, able to provide a refund in the event of an unexpected circumstance that prevents participation in the program. Please see the “Insurance Bulletin” in your MySummer account for additional information on trip cancelation and some providers to consider.