Welcome Sustaining the Amazon 2016


Kristi and Skyeler writing from Ecuador where we’re getting psyched to welcome you all on Sunday! Hope everyone is stoked and getting prepped to hike, raft and explore this amazing ecosystem and connect with the fascinating cultures there.

We’ve both been to the jungle before (many times, actually) and are still always SUPER pumped to return and explore. For different reasons the Amazon is intriguing and important to both of us, though we appreciate it through different lenses.

Anyway, we can’t wait to meet you all and have an adventure!!

See you all on Sunday!!

Kristi & Skyeler

One thought on “Welcome Sustaining the Amazon 2016

  1. Thank you both, in advance, for taking good care of my son, Will. Have a wonderful, exciting, and interesting time!
    Best regards,
    Kathryn Baxter

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