We’re Just Getting Started – Amazon Update

Hey amigos y familia,

The adventure begins!

We’ve spent the last two days in Banos, getting to know each other and getting to know this beautiful place. Waterfalls, endless vistas, exploring Banos and hot springs!

Student journalist of the day, Naimah, explains it best…

“Today has been our first full day in Banos. We had a poppin’ breakfast and then shared our ideas for independent projects. I had my first idea at 5 am when I got up para usar el bano…I’m super excited to work mine and to see my friends as they work on theirs.

This group is awesome! We’re really bonding and the alone time (with eachother!) in Banos rally allowed us to talk about our interests, families, and tendencies. We are guinea pig -delicious!- and also had a wonderful riddle filled lunch that had us laughing, high fiving and thinking, which I believe made us closer.

This trip has changed my life already, and we are just getting started.”

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