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From Being Green To Leading Green

Sustainable Summer prepares today's teens to become environmental leaders.

Why Sustainable Summer?

Our Students

A diverse, motivated, and intellectually curious group of students is at the heart of every Sustainable Summer program.

Our Approach

Every Sustainable Summer program starts with an essential question: How do we meet the needs of today's people without compromising the ability of future people to meet their own needs?

Our Value

We're committed to a 'students first' approach that delivers unparalleled value in the pre-college and study abroad fields.

Our Programs

Intensive. Transformative. Fun... And Happening Online Again For 2021

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Sustainable Cities

How do we design systems and policies that support life in every form?

Seeds of Change

How do we implement sustainable models of food production?

Towards a Green New Deal

What is the role of government in a market economy?