From Being Green to Leading Green

Sustainable Summer prepares today's teens to become environmental leaders.

Our Students

A diverse, motivated, and intellectually curious group of students is at the heart of every Sustainable Summer program.

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Our Approach

Every Sustainable Summer program starts with an essential question: How do we meet the needs of today's people without compromising the ability of future people to meet their own needs?

Our three guiding principles form the foundation of our approach:

Sustainability Immersion

By deeply engaging in the subject and practice of sustainability, participants are provided a foundation for understanding the complexity of integrating human societies with the environment.

Challenge-Based Learning

Challenge-based learning is a collaborative learning experience in which educators and students work together to learn about compelling issues, propose solutions to real problems, and take action. This unique approach asks students to reflect on their learning and the impact of their actions and publish their solutions to a worldwide audience.

Global Citizenship

A “global citizen” is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building global values and practices. Frugality, integrity, humility, and cultural awareness guide our mission in creating the next generation of environmental leaders and responsible global citizens.

Our Value

We’re committed to a “students first” approach that delivers unparalleled value in the pre-college and study abroad fields.

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It was absolutely, UNDOUBTEDLY the most amazing experience in my life. Thank you!

Murray, Student, Columbia Grammar and Prep, NY

Sustainable Summer was a hugely positive experience for my daughter. Your organization is top notch, will recommend to anyone who is interested.

Dawn, Elmhurst, IL

Sustainable Summer has COMPLETELY changed my life. I feel like a more confident, knowledgeable, and worldly person.

Kate, Student, Foothill High School, CA

What impressed me was the focus on what humans are doing, not only to ecosystems and the planetary boundaries, but to our individual lives as well.

Evan, Student, Poudre Community Academy, CO

Charlie had a wonderful time and in separate occasions to me and his brothers, he enthusiastically described it as "the best time of his summer."

Linda, Parent, Columbus, OH

The program facilitators were amazing and always encouraged us to question our beliefs and the information presented to us.

Lizzie, Student, Boca Raton High School, FL

What most impressed me about the program was how unexpected it was. It exceeded my expectations and surprised me every day.

Casey, Student Sonoma Academy, CA

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