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From Being Green To Leading Green

Sustainable Summer prepares today's teens to become environmental leaders and innovators.

Our 2023 Summer Programs

Intensive. Transformative. Fun.

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The Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3) honors, educates, and empowers distinguished high school students at the nation’s premier training facility for sustainability leadership.

July 9 - July 15
Sustainable Summer at Cornell

A classic college campus surrounded by the beauty of Ithaca's gorges and forests

June 25 - July 7
July 23 - August 4
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Dynamic webs of living and nonliving, urban ecosystems exemplify nature’s resiliency, side by side with human innovation.

June 25 - July 7

A classic college campus surrounded by the beauty of New England's forests

June 25 - July 7

Past Programs

Some of the programs we've run in previous years, which may return in the future

Crossroads of Conservation

How do we place a value on nature?

Not Offered for 2023
Cuba Summer Program
Preserving Culture, Sustaining Community

How and why do cultures change?

Not Offered for 2023
Sustaining the Amazon

How do we reconcile the needs of the environment with those of people?

Not Offered for 2023
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Seeds of Change

How do we implement sustainable models of food production?

Not Offered for 2023
Towards a Green New Deal

What is the role of government in a market economy?

Not Offered for 2023
Climate Action Project

How do we affect change in our local communities?

Not Offered for 2023

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