Am I eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Financial assistance is available to the public-at-large provided applicants are 15 – 18 and in high school at the time of participation (note: graduated high school seniors are not eligible); are US citizens; and can demonstrate financial need, a keen interest in sustainability, and the ability to integrate well with a group and handle the challenges associated with participation appropriately. In general, families making less than $80,000 per year (adjusted gross income) are eligible for financial assistance up to 85% of the program tuition. Families with adjusted gross incomes higher than $80,000 may be eligible for awards depending on their unique financial circumstances, but, in general, need-based eligibility will phase out around $140K AGI. (NOTE: AGI can be substantially less than gross income, and we also take regional costs of living into consideration, so families earning gross incomes in the low six figures are often still eligible for aid.)