Can I defer enrollment to a future year?

Deferred Enrollment: Deferring enrollment to a Sustainable Summer program in the next calendar year is allowed up to April 1st without penalty or fee. Between April 1st and May 1st, deferment is allowed for a $500 fee. After May 1st, deferred enrollment is not allowed and there are no tuition refunds.

NOTE: Tuition rates for future programs may increase and you are not grandfathered into a rate. Any tuition previously paid will post as a credit to your account and any fees ($500 if deferring between April 1 and May 1; no fee if prior to April 1) will be assessed upon enrolling in a future program. We are only able to offer the deferred enrollment option for one year and only to the participant or a participant’s sibling. The refund and cancellation policies in place at the time of your deferment will apply for one year. After one year, the current refund and cancellation policies will apply. For instance, deferment to a future program on March 15th would subject only the regular non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit to cancellation penalty until March 15th one year later with any additional tuition payments fully refundable up until that time. On March 16th, (one year and one day from your deferment) you would enter whatever Sustainable Summer’s current refund and cancellation policies are at that time.