Will I Be Accepted? What Is The Acceptance Rate?

We look for applicants that have a demonstrable interest in environmental sustainability and the ability to contribute positively to our community. More than anything else, great students make for great programs, and we place a high priority on selecting the right students for our groups. Put simply, there are a staggering number of organizations that provide high school students with summer enrichment opportunities. We are particularly interested in students that are curious about sustainability issues and encourage all students that have concern for the environment to submit an application. You’ll articulate your interest in Sustainable Summer and how participation will advance your personal goals and objectives, which is a primary consideration for how we make acceptance decisions.

We know this response is unlikely to satisfy students that are often concerned (in many cases, rightfully so) about the selectivity of an activity or organization. We do not disclose acceptance statistics. Very few “pre-college” programs do. Perhaps we’ll change our thinking on this in the future, but until then we hope you can take solace in the following information:

  1. We deny admission to unqualified applicants
  2. Exemplary applicants that apply early in the year are almost always accepted.
  3. Applicants that are rising juniors and seniors have historically been accepted at higher rates than rising sophomores, and a typical cohort averages only about 15% rising sophomores
  4. All else being equal, we prioritize geographic and socio-economic diversity and seek as much breadth of ideology and perspective as possible in our cohorts