Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Education is an investment in your child’s future and we want to help make our programs attainable for families from all corners of the economic spectrum. Sustainable Summer is committed to providing exciting educational opportunities to a diverse group of high school students interested in environmental sustainability. We have two types of financial assistance: 20% tuition assistance and scholarships (30 – 85% of tuition).

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance represents a ~20% reduction of the standard course fee. Participants at this tuition rate cover only their direct participation costs, including lodging, meals, activities, in-country staff and transportation, and support for local projects.

If your family simply needs a little bit of extra help, our tuition assistance option (20% discounted tuition) is available to all families – no questions asked and “need-blind.” You don’t need to complete any additional scholarship application forms, provide tax returns, or do anything outside of our normal application process. To take advantage of this option, students should submit a completed application for admissions and then, if accepted, parents indicate the tuition assistance tier at enrollment.

That’s it.


Our scholarship program is designed to provide financial aid awards of up to 85% of program tuition. We receive a lot of questions about applying for scholarships, so here are some important considerations:

  • All students must FIRST submit a “preliminary” application BEFORE applying for financial assistance.
  • We have three different scholarship application deadlines – early, priority, and regular. Generally speaking, applying earlier can improve your chances of receiving funding.
  • We only provide funding for US residents (or non-resident US citizens) that are currently enrolled in high school/secondary education program
  • Award amounts of 40 – 60% of tuition are more common than award amounts of 85%
  • Scholarship awards do not cover airfare and other travel costs associated with getting to/from a program
  • Competition for scholarship funding for our Environmental Leadership Academies is more competitive than for our Global Expeditions, and, generally speaking, students that are flexible with their program preference have the best chance of receiving a scholarship award that meets their financial need
  • Please read carefully through the FAQs below to familiarize yourself with the application process