Rosalie Wright-Lapin


Rosalie grew up on her grandfather’s Christmas tree farm in rural Vermont where her passion for the outdoors began. She studied sociology and anthropology at Middlebury College (’15) with a focus on social and climate justice. Over the past few years she has spent time working for nonprofits that focus on community and youth development at both the local and global levels. She became engaged in environmental education as a senior in college when she lived in a solar-powered, net zero home and gave tours to local school groups. Her interest in the field deepened while working for PH International as a program coordinator for the Russia Youth Environmental Program in 2017 and 2018. This coming fall, Rosalie will begin a Masters in Social Work at the University of Vermont. She looks forward to learning more about international human rights and building resilient communities in response to our rapidly changing social and natural environments. In her free time, Rosalie enjoys traveling, spending time outside, running, doing yoga or art, going to concerts, and dancing!